What if every student met their potential?

Since 1984, our purpose has been to provide financial assistance to the students of Francis Tuttle Technology Center. Through scholarships and emergency funding, the Francis Tuttle Foundation is helping students overcome financial obstacles to achieve their academic goals, and ultimately, successful entry into the workforce.

We do this through gifts and grants from our employees, our alumni, and the community.

Your Impact

Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Frank Turner, President

Jan Moran, Vice President

Brian Blundell, Treasurer

Charlotte Edwards

Dr. Tom Friedemann

Anthony Garcia


Joshua Brown

Pat Brown

Jim Bryan

Patricia Gray

Suzette Northcutt Rhodes

Tod McClain

Dr. Kay Martin

Dr. Fern Bowling

Kimberly Montrose

Dr. Bob Spinks

Dr. Frank Nelson

Dr. Michelle Keylon


Lori Alspaugh, Executive Director

Jennifer Haile-Egbert, Allocations Coordinator

Jennifer Nichols, Bookkeeper

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Francis Tuttle, The School

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